Change Log | Paint Tool SAI 2 [2020 - 2022]

Last updated: April 12, 2022

Paint Tool SAI 2 is best of Graphics Editor Software. That support to painting digital Art. This Page will be Show all the Version of Paint Tool SAI. Release Note, Change log.


[Fixed Bugs]

- [Menus and Popop Lists]: On Windows 7 or earlier, unable to close a menu or a popup list by mouse click.

- [Outline Drawing]: Unable to draw outline correctly if the drawing range is aligned to 32px boundaries.

- [Transform Layer]: Nudge, Reverse and Rotate 90deg. are applied in the rotated angle of the transform guide.



- [Rulers]: Changed to disable ruler operation while [Temporarily Ignore Ruler] is turning on.

 (This is a change to enable the straight line drawing by Shift+Click in brush tools while ruler is ignored)



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Water Color]: The blur effect is smoother compare to Ver.1.

- [Brush Type Tools]: The blending effect has become slightly stronger by the fix on 2021-12-30 version.



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Window Control]: [Move] and [Size] in the system menu opend on the title bar does not work on Windows 8 or later.

- [Tool Group]: The tool group selection at starting is fixed to [Unorg] group after selected [Unorg] group and closed program.

- [Water Color]: The blur effect is flatten compare to Ver.1.

- [Brush Type Tools]: Improved controllability of light coloring with weak pen pressure.

- [Edit Tool for Linework Layer]: [Connect CPs] malfunctions when multiple paths are selected.



- [Edit Menu]: Added [Paste without Deselecting].



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Brush Tools] The brush circle and guide lines are delayed while using a pen tablet.

- [Swatches and Scrach Pad] An accsess violation occurs when picked a color.



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Color History] A color slightly different from the original color is registered.

- [Selection Region] Vertical streaks appear when created a selection region by clicking a layer thumbnail.

- [Syringe] The syringe by shortcut key does not work on the scratchpad.

- [Custom Tools] After deletion of a tool and their all links, an access violation or freezing occur when closed the program.

- [Brush Tools] If [Put the brush circle at stabilized coordinate] in [Preference] in [Options] dialog is turned on,

 the brush circle, guide lines and strokes will be delayed.



- [Tool Settings Files] Changed not to report an error even if a settings file with an unacceptable name exists.

- [Brush Tools] Re-tuned the tapering at the stroke end in stroke stabilizer S-1 to S-7.



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Shortcut Keys dialog] Shortcut assignments for tools and tool groups are not applied immediately.



- [Move Tool] Added [Pick Layer without Mod. key] checkbox.

 (Pleae turn on this checkbox if you want to apply the bug fix of Move Tool in 2021-07-03)



[Fixed Bugs]

- [History] In rare case, access violations occur when paint by a brush tool immediately after erasing the layer image outside canvas.

- [Brush Tools] Brush forms and brush textures are not applied when start the program with the user interface panels hidden.

- [Brush Tools] If [Put the brush circle at stabilized coordinate] in [Preference] in [Options] dialog is turned on,

 the brush circle will stop moving if draw stroke quickly and stop it.

- [Move Tool] "Pick Layer" does not work without Ctrl key if [Pick Layer by Ctrl+LeftClick] is turned on.

 (This function was worked on earlier preview versions)

- [PSD Format] Illegal folder group closing information are outputted.

 (For example, the PSD files created by SAIv2 are unable to open by ImageMagick etc.)



- [Tool Selection] Changed tool selection by a shortcut key to circulate tools assigned the same shortcut key.

- [Tool Group] Changed to be able to select a tool group by shortcut key.

- [Shortcut Keys dialog] Implemented assignment of tools(contains tool groups) again.



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Show Alone Layer] It disappears when the child layer of the clipping group is set to [Show Alone].

- [Recover Work] In rare case, access violations occur after opened [Recover Work] or closed the program.



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Blur Tool] The settings for scattering form and [Tool Preference] are not saved.

- [File Viewer] After deletiing 'Current Folder', an access violation occurs when changing the item selection in 'File List' with keyboard.



- [Show Alone Layer] Changed the layer visibility operation for descended layers of [Show Alone] layers to the normal visibility change.

 (The same mention in 2020-08-28 was wrong)

- [PSD Format] Changed to convert the single color 'Background' in PSD to [Canvas Background] on SAIv2.

- [Linework Layer] Changed the moving granularity of binary strokes to pixels.



[Fixed Bugs]

- ["Brush" and "Water Color"] The painting result near the intercection of strokes will be currupted when a symmetric ruler is enabled.

- [Binary Pen / Binary Eraser] [Algorithm] is not applied.

- [Import settings from Ver.1] Unable to import tool settings for linework layer.



- [Bristle] Changed the direction detection distance for a large bristle to shorten when the view magnification is less than about 25%.

- [Linework Layer] Reduced vibration of the entire stroke when moving the first control point of a binary stroke



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Brush Tools] Stroke tracking also stops if stop the pen while drawing with the stroke stabilizer set to a strong level.

 (It was a side effect of the stroke distortion correction)

- [Bristles] Small bristles will be dappled with brush textures.

- [Eraser Tool] Stroke stabilizer settings does not display in the tool property dialog.

- [Eraser Tool(for Linework)] [Brush Size] is reverted to 1.0 when restarted program even if set less than 1.0.

- [Eraser Tools(for Linework)] The settings of [Vectorize] is not saved.

- [Eraser Tools(for Linework)] a stroke error may occur when opening the canvas

 if erased strokes with [Pressure CP] off and saved the canvas including those strokes.

- [File Viewer] Cannot save a canvas into directly under a junction.

- [Asset Manager] Access violations occur when delete assets other than tools.

- [Pen Tablet Control] The pressure sensitivity is disabled in the first stroke after operated a separated panel.

- [Pen Tablet Control] Shortcuts are not blocked while using the tail switch assigned to a side switch of a pen.



- [Show Alone Layer] Changed the layer visibility operation for descended layers of [Show Alone] layers to the normal visibility change.

- [Eraser Tools(for Linework)] Changed the initial setting of [Detect Intersections From] to [Erase Target] from [Current Layer].



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Brush Tools] The pressure sometimes increased when draw a short stroke if [Direction] or [Angle Control] is [Auto].

- [Swatch] Changing the slot size is not saved.

- [Layer] [Show Alone Layer] is not removed by [Change Visibility of Layer] shortcut.



- [Brush Tools] Changed to be able to draw a very short stroke even if [Direction] or [Angle Control] is [Auto].

- [Layer Panel] Changed [Clipping Group] checkbox always enabled even if parent layer is invisible.


And some other minor bug fixes...



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Program Termination] Access violations occur when cancel PC Shutdown or Sign Out while running SAIv2.

- [Asset Maneger] Access violations may occur when deleting and creating groups and closing the dialog.

- [Brush Tools] The end of the stroke is little longer than the previous version.

- [Blur Tool] [Blur Width] is not saved.

- [Transform] [Resample Settings] changed during transformation is not saved.



- [Custom Tool Creation Menu] Discontinued [Move] button in [Existing Tools] tab.


And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Import settings from Ver.1] Ver.1 fails loading of settings if Ver.2 is running after importing.

 (The settings of Ver.1 are recovered when close Ver.2 and restart Ver.1)

- [Layer List] When the list is scrolled and there is a bottom margin, the list slips down 1px each time you switch the current layer etc.

- [Brush Tools] Even if changed the brush size to 500 or more, the brush size revert to 500 when restarted SAI.

- [Brush Tools] The stabilizer setting is reset when duplicate a tool.

- [Brush Tools] Bristle strokes begins slightly thicker even if [Min Size] is 0.

- [Linework Layer] Control points may not be editable.

- [Window Control] SAI freezes when the desktop resolution is changed while using File Viewer.

- [Multi-Core Processing] The program will not work properly if there are more than 32 cores.



- [Brush Tools] Tweaked the texture effect on thin brushes to be more natural.

- [Brush Tools] Tweaked the drawing result of bristles closer to Ver.1.

- [Brush Tools] Added setting to disable correction of stroke distortion added in 2020-01-19 version to sai2.ini.

 ([PenTablet] -> DisableAntiStrokeDistortion)


And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Import settings from old Ver.2] Importing is failed if the import source does not inluced "brshape" and "scatter" folder.

- [Weight Tool] Does not work.

- [Filter: Gaussian Blur] Access violations occur when started and canceled gaussian blur while floater existing.

- [Configure Canvas Size Presets] Reordering does not work correctly if the size list is scrolled.

- [Asset Maneger] In the group list or the item list, reordering does not work correctly if the list is scrolled.



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Common Tool Property] The change of shortcut key is not saved at the end of program.

- [Tool Selection] The shift behavior is not blocked during drag operations.

- [Brush Tools] The tail of stroke is cut off if the stabilizer mode is [Ver.1 Mode].

- [Brush Tools] A stroke is distorted on a part that packet intervals of a pen tablet are uneven

- [Blur Tool] The settings of brush form and brush texture are not saved at the end of program.

- [Options Dialog] An access violation occur when changed [For layer blending modes, use common names instead of SAI dialect]

 if any canvas does not exist.



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Image Asset] Access violations occur if displayed an asset list including images that the aspect ratio is so large.

- [Asset Manager] The order of items in [Unorganized] group is no saved.

- [Shortcut Keys] The function assignments are not saved at the end of program.



- [Import settings] Added the mentions of version range of SAI that can be imported into the texts on the dialog.

 (Ver.1 is Ver.1.0.2 or later, Ver.2 is 2015-04-24 to 2019-08-12)

- [Asset Manager] Added the features of renaming and deletion for swatches and scratch pads.

- [Asset Manager] Added the management features for custom tools.

 (For groups: Create/Delete/Rename/Reorder, For tools: Delete/Reorder/Inter Group Move)



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Scattering Tool] The scattering parameters is reset when select a Scattering tool that is selected [Simple Circle] form.

- [Tools] An access violation occur when duplicated a Bucket tool or a Gradation tool.

- [Import settings] Unable to import the canvas preset settings of old SAI Ver.2 correctly.

- [History] Unable to undo or redo some data of layer mask, text layer, ruler layers and layer folder.


And some other some small bug fixes...



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Linework Layer] Access violations occur if drew a stroke that has single control point.

- [Weight Tool] The stroke parameters are reset when used.

- [Binary Brush Tools] Unable to apply pressure for brush size.



[Fixed Bugs]

- [Import settings] Unable to import the tool settings of old SAI Ver.2 correctly.

- [Linework Layer] Access violations occur when drew a stroke.



- [Tool Panel] Changed the order of [Tool Preference], [Reserve Settings] and [Recall Settings] button.



* Caution! : Recovery data created by this version is not compatible with older versions.

The path of settings folder is changed to "<(My)Documents>\SYSTEMAX Software Development\SAIv2".

Brush forms and textures are stored into this folder from this version.

And, the folder structure of Zip archive is changed as the following.

Old versions cannot run in the newer folder structure.











[New Features]

- Settings Import Feature for Old Versions

 (The settings import dialog will be displayed if the settings folder is not existing when SAIv2(2020-01-07 or later) started.)

- Reserve and Restore feature for tool settings.

 (Buttons at the bottom left of the tool panel)

- Grouping Feature

 The grouping feature is provided for the following features.

 + Tool

 + Brush Form

 + Brush Texture

 + Swatch

 + Scratch Pad

- Asset Maneger(Provisional implementation)

 (For groups: Create/Delete/Rename/Reorder, For assets: Reorder/Inter Group Move)

- Blur Tool

- Binary Tools

 For normal layer: [Binary Pen], [Eraser], [Selection Pen], [Selection Eraser]

 (The name of previous [Binary Pen] is changed to [Pixel Art Pen].)

 For linework layer: [Pen], [Eraser], [Curve], [Weight]

- Color History

 (Added into the swatch panel)


[Fixed Bugs]

- [Brush Tools] Brush density cannot be easily controlled.

- [Brush Tools] Distortion occurs near the beginning of the stroke when the stroke stabilizer is increased.

- [Brush Tools] Strong unevenness occur in color mixing.

- [Outline][Dilate/Erode Selection] An access violation occurs when layer image is completely outside the canvas.



- [Brush Tools] Sepalated the burush miscellaneous panel.

 (A button at the bottom right of the tool panel)

- [Brush Tools] Tuned the quality of small blotmap brush(0~6px) again.

- [Brush Tools] Added the stroke stabilizer mode.

 (This setting same as [Adjust the feeling of brush stroke end in stabilizer 1-15 to similar to Ver.1].)

- [Brush Tools] Discontinued the special behavior when [Dilution] is 0 and the painting color is transparent.

- [Brush Tools] Improved the quality of bristle.

- [Brush Tools] Added [Scrach] slider instead of [Scrach] checkbox for brush texture.

- [Shortcut Keys] Discontinued the key assignment for tools temporarily.


And some other small changes and some small bug fixes…